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Leah’s Story

After adopting Leah out of foster care, her mom and dad became concerned that their 3-year-old daughter displayed little concern for her own safety. Leah would leap into traffic and disappear in a crowd, she pushed limits and would become upset when not given her way. Leah’s tantrums would result in hitting, kicking, and screaming and her behaviors caused her to be removed from daycare. Leah’s parents were doubtful of parenting classes due to experiences they had with other programs while their child was in foster care. They were offered the Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) and fully embraced the Triple P techniques. By the end of the course, her parents shared that Leah’s behaviors decreased to a normal range and she was back in preschool. Leah’s parents successfully incorporated new routines into their parenting style and continue to use Triple P methods to manage behaviors.

Positive Parenting Programs

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